The Moths of Suffolk
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Mike Blackwell, UK Felixstowe Suffolk

Large numbers of a drab brown moth in our garden during the day drifting into our conservatory until rescued! Anyone else been invaded in Old Felixstowe?

Thu 29-Jul-2010 10:43

Mike Dean, Suffolk

Interested in your page on the Brown Tail isofar that it was always an East coast species. The population around where I live in the West has been on the increase this last 5 years hitting a max this year with the number of webs; could hit the news next spring!

Sat 10-Oct-2009 05:48

Colin Jacobs, UK

Fantastic Resource, very useful for public enquiries on the status of moths in Suffolk. I hope all Suffolk wildlife could be added to sites like this.

Keep up the good work.

Wed 27-May-2009 10:14

Ken Bond, Ireland

How did you separate Epinotia solandriana and E. brunnichiana (males & females)?

Tue 9-Jan-2007 04:30

harvey c, beccles suffolk

we found a very large caterpilar today. a privet hawkmoth.

Tue 12-Sep-2006 02:08

pam cronin, England

I found a privet hawk moth today in Holton near Halesworth. It was beautiful and enormous. It sat on my finger for several minutes fanning its wings. I have not seen one before - what a pleasure!

Thu 13-Jul-2006 06:44

Ashley Gant, UK

Small Ranunculus in light trap on evening of 8 July 2006. Located in Walton, Felixstowe. Also Pine Hawkmoth, Poplar Hawkmoth (among many others).

Mon 10-Jul-2006 08:30

Steff Tharle, England

1984 Humming-bird Hawk-moth, Macroglossum stellatarum, (Linnaeus, 1758)
I have spotted one of these moths in my garden today(24th August 2005)in Leiston, Suffolk, England

Wed 24-Aug-2005 01:08

richard markham, great britain

very interesting site would there be anyone in the woodbridge area to give a talk to my scouts on this subject

Sun 7-Aug-2005 03:09

Graciela, England

We live in Suffolk and saw a moth in our garden it was an Abraxas grossulariata - and we used your site to identify it. Your site was the best of many that we searched - because it is so well laid out. Thank you.

Sat 6-Aug-2005 09:21

Julian Dowding, UK

A great site because it is informative and simple to use with no clutter. I am sure it will be a big hit with moth enthusiasts everywhere.

Sat 16-Apr-2005 01:13

Terry McCassey, Malaysia

Thank you.

Sun 10-Apr-2005 12:36

Johan Berg, Sweden

You must have put in a very large amount of work to assemble all the info in this site - and all of us who now can view and use it can assure you it was well used time! I am very impressed, and will use this site a lot!

Mon 14-Mar-2005 10:55

Steve Goddard, UK

I have just had a detailed look at this site which I think is excellent. I particularly like the links and the fact that you can instantly go to more illustrations of the said species. Also, the ability to directly compare species is inspired and the historical background is a real bonus. Goodness knows the time you must have put into it all. Marvellous.

Sat 19-Feb-2005 04:21

Tony Prichard, UK

This page should now work - there was a bug in the script

Sat 19-Feb-2005 05:40